Question of the Day: What Was Your First Automotive Job?


question of the day what was your first automotive job

Obviously, not everyone reading this site has worked in the automotive industry. That said, common sense suggests that at least some percentage of car enthusiasts reading an automotive-focused Web site have worked in the industry in one way or another.

Anecdotal evidence from the comments I read also shows that some of you have turned a wrench or sold whitewalls.

So, for those of you who work or have worked in the industry, what was your first automotive job? Intern for an OEM? Apprentice mechanic? Greenhorn service writer? Auto-parts driver or counterperson? Valet? Shop janitor?

Some of you may know my history already, but I will remind you that I started out as a dealership porter. I helped prepped sold cars for delivery, washed cars that were in for service, and valeted vehicles when customers came to pick them up — and there were other duties in there.

I also delivered auto parts off and on — I even, on rare occasions, worked the counter. I also worked as a service advisor for a bit.

Now it’s your turn.

Sound off below.

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