Drive Notes: 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB35 AMG 4Matic


drive notes 2024 mercedes benz glb35 amg 4matic

Every time I drive an AMG-massaged Mercedes-Benz crossover/SUV, I get a sense of déjà vu.

They’re all quick, fun to drive, and bestowed with the latest in Mercedes-Benz dash tech. That last bit means lots of screen space, enough customization options to make your head spin, and haptic touch that mostly works.

Here is my short-take snapshot of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLB35 AMG 4Matic.


  • This little one can move. Floor it, and after a half-second of thinking it over, the powertrain will comply and catapult you forward in a manner that’s relatively rare among compact luxury crossovers. You can even seen how much of the 302 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque you’re summoning via one of the screen options.
  • MBux infotainment works well, though there can be too many menus. The “hey Mercedes” voice assistant generally understood my asks, but occasionally failed.
  • Rear headroom isn’t bad, but you can notice a subtle slope.
  • It’s cool that these cars have a “car wash” mode.
  • Mercedes has the best haptic-touch buttons out there. They’re still not perfect, and I sometimes wonder if this tech should even be used in cars, but if one has to use it, this is as good as it gets at present.
  • Slapping the dial into Sport or Sport+ brings about a growling engine and some sharp handling.

drive notes 2024 mercedes benz glb35 amg 4matic


  • I don’t love the dainty column shifter that feels like it will break if you sneeze on it.
  • There was some low-speed clunkiness from the powertrain. Not sure if the hybrid assist was acting up or if the eight-speed DCT transmission was confused, but it wasn’t Mercedes smooth.
  • Engaging either Sport mode similarly causes wonky powertrain behavior at low speeds and light throttle.
  • Sixty-eight grand seems too high, even for an AMG-massaged Mercedes. That’s as-tested, to be fair, but the base price was a still dear $59,050.
  • Apple CarPlay sometimes would not connect.
  • As much as I like MBux, changing radio sources or channels requires too much menu-diving. Please, automakers, please, make certain functions simple, no matter how dazzling your infotainment tech is. Tuning radio stations or changing audio sources should be quicker and easier.
  • Wet roads led to seriously squeaky brakes. The binders still felt stout, though.

drive notes 2024 mercedes benz glb35 amg 4matic

See you next time.

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