UCOTD: Seventh-Generation Honda Accord Coupe


ucotd seventh generation honda accord coupe

Honda Accord coupes get a lot of love around these parts, for good reason.

They looked good, were fun to drive, and have a reputation for being reliable. Your humble author owned a mostly problem-free example (1997 model year) for a few years in the Aughts.

Today we bring you a seventh-car of unlisted year — this generation ran from 2002-2007. There are 134,200 miles on the car and it’s mostly stock, save for the requisite K&N filter and NGK iridium spark plugs. The clutch, timing belt, and water pump have been replaced.

So have the starter, brake pads, and rotors.

There are some HFP parts on the exterior, as well.

Normally we’d show you pics, but the seller’s cell-phone photos won’t work for this post. You’ll have to click through.

The ask is $8,000 for this New Jersey-based ride.

[Image: Honda]

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