QOTD: Once Again We Ask How Auto Show Media Days Can Be Saved


I hate to repeat QOTDs, and I know I’ve asked a version of the upcoming QOTD at least twice — but I am struggling a bit with ideas today, and I am also thinking, still, nearly a week later, about how dead NAIAS was in Detroit.

We wrote about it. Jalopnik wrote about it. Others wrote about it, and many journos posted about it on social. So, how can the media day regain its former glory, if it even should?

I’ve said my take — media days are being killed by OEM offsites, the lack of far-out concepts (Lincoln had a concept that espoused radical design this year, but for the most part, concept cars are now thinly-veiled versions of production vehicles), and by giving journalists embargoed material for pre-writing. That last bit means that press conferences rarely surprise.

I know a lot of automotive-media consumers don’t give a rat’s butt about auto-show media days. But I also know that at least some of you do. I know some of our audience is comprised of industry employees, and I also know that some TTAC readers are the kind of automotive enthusiasts who care about this minutiae. So, I ask you, if you were working for an auto show, how would you save the media day?

[Image: NAIAS]

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