Savage Salvage: Information is Power


In last week’s blog we answered the basic question: “what is a salvage car?” We explored the different groups of people who find good deals on online salvage auctions and mostly focused on the professionals. This week, we want to take things a step further and explain how even first-time bidders can make confident decisions when bidding on salvage auto auctions.

Taking a Closer Look at Auto Auctions

Professionals and beginners alike can benefit from additional information, especially with salvage cars. If you are not able to look at a car in person, it can be a little scary to bid on something damaged, especially when you can’t tell the full extent of the damage. Thankfully, Copart offers several solutions that allow our bidders to get more information on vehicles without having to inspect it in person. Let’s take a brief look at the different options Copart offers:

  • AutoCheck reports through Experian give you access to clean title vehicles’ history, including previous accident information, title records and more.
  • Vehicle Condition Reports provide behind-the-scenes information, including 2+ videos, list of 50+ features, tire condition and additional photos.
  • EpicVIN Vehicle History and Title Reportsgive you information related to DMV title data, insurance total loss records, open lien status and more.
  • With the Copart Market Guide Report, receive insight into important information such as NADA values, VIN decode, ProQuote results and a list of comparable sales.

How to Access Vehicle Reports

Copart Members have access to several reports to help them make informed buying decisions. Each Copart vehicle report provides varying information to give a detailed history of a vehicle so bidders are more knowledgeable about the car’s condition before they buy. All of the Copart vehicle reports can be accessed right on the lot details page of nearly any vehicle (links shown for vehicles that have reports available).

So, there you have it. If you’re bidding or buying a salvage vehicle from Copart, you can choose whichever vehicle report you’d like. Copart makes it easy for even beginners to feel confident in their bids.

Want to experience it for yourself? Check our salvage auctions and bid on a vehicle! 

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