Get to Know Salvage Cars


These past few weeks, we’ve been examining salvage auto auctions—what they are, who can participate in them (spoiler alert: everyone can bid on a salvage car) and how to be confident in your bids. Here’s a quick reference guide to everything we’ve discussed so you can catch up and be a salvage auction pro in no time.

What Is a Salvage Car, Anyway?

In our first blog, we broke down the concept of a salvage car and some common misconceptions. We answered the main questions that most of our first-time bidders have, including:

  • What is a salvage car?
  • Will a salvage car run?
  • Who would buy a salvage car?

This blog is perfect for salvage car beginners and gives them a general introduction to salvage vehicles and why bidding on one may be the right choice. Think you might be interested in a salvage vehicle? Check out this blog first.

Savage Salvage: Information is Power

Copart makes it easy to feel confident in your bids by giving Members more information about salvage car auctions. In this blog, we explain how even first-time bidders can make confident decisions when bidding on salvage auto auctions. Copart offers several solutions that allow our bidders to get more information on vehicles without having to inspect them in person including:

  • AutoCheck
  • Vehicle Condition Reports
  • EpicVIN Vehicle History and Title Reports
  • Copart Market Guide Report

If you’re bidding or buying a salvage vehicle from Copart, you can choose whichever vehicle report you’d like. Copart makes it easy for even beginners to feel confident in their bids. Find out more in our Information is Power blog.

Think you’re ready to start bidding on salvage auctions? View the great deals on Copart and find your next car, truck or SUV.

If you’re interested in the car featured in our preview image, you can check it out here.

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