How (and How Much) to Pay for a Copart Vehicle


Thinking about placing a bid on a Copart vehicle, but not sure how to do it or how much you’ll need to pay? These are the two most frequently asked questions we get from our Members. That’s why we’re devoting an entire blog to answering all your payment questions.   

First, it’s crucial to know that domestic and international Copart Members have different payment options. 

Domestic Member Payment Options 

  • Credit or Debit Card: At all Copart U.S. locations, we may ask you to show a photo ID that matches the card you are using. If you want to make the credit card payment online instead, the name on the credit/debit card must be the same as the name on the Copart account.  
  • Mobile Wallet Apps: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are accepted. This option is only available when paying in person at a Copart U.S. location.  
  • Wire Transfer: After you make your wire transfer, please fill out and email the Wire Transfer Notification to our Account Receivable team at [email protected]
  • Money Order: Typically, you will be able to get a money order at a bank or a post office. This payment option will only be available in person at our physical locations.   
  • Cashier’s Check: This payment option is granted by a bank and will be accepted in also in person at Copart locations.   
  • MoneyGram®: Go to any of the 25,000+ MoneyGram locations, have your account number, lot number(s) and Copart Receive Code (17170) on hand.  
  • Cash: Though most Copart locations accept cash as a payment options, we’d still recommend you check with your Copart location before visiting.   
  • Company Check & ePay: If you are eligible to use a company check, you will be able to enroll in ePay. Please fill out the ePay enrollment form and email it to [email protected] or fax it to (707) 639-5260. Call our Member Services ePay Team at (707) 646-2187 if you have any questions about this payment option.   
  • Third-Party Finance: Please note that you are not directly working with Copart with paying using a third-party finance.   
  • Available Funds  

International Member Payment Options 

  • Wire Transfer: Please follow the same wire transfer instruction above.  
  • Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay X: This is a payment option that could help avoid high bank charges and delays. 
  • Additional payment options may vary by region. 

How Much You’ll Pay for a Copart Auto Auction 

Besides learning about the available payment options, we know having a full awareness of the final amount you will be paying for a Copart vehicle is also important to you.  

When you win a Copart auto auction, in addition to the final sale price, Copart fees and taxes may apply. Member Fees for members from the U.S. are based on the final sale price of a vehicle, while Member fees for international buyers are based on the final price of the vehicle. Also, a $59 gate fee and an Internet Bid Fee (Kiosk Preliminary Bid fee or Non-Kiosk Preliminary Bidding and Live Bidding fee) will be accessed. Separately, if you use a third-party financing company, a $39 administrative fee will be added.  
Including the date of winning the lot, you will have three business days to make the payment. Be sure to make the payment within three business days; if not, a one-time $50 late fee will be added to each vehicle you win. 

Now you know all that about making a payment to Copart, join an auction and place your bids at

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