Used Car of the Day: 2018 Subaru Crosstrek


used car of the day 2018 subaru crosstrek

Hey, wanna buy a racecar?

Here’s your change with this 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. It has a rally build, courtesy of performance shop Rocket Rally.

It’s a full build from a stripped chassis.

Features include a fuel cell, pre-wiring, and rally lights. There’s also underbody protection, a roof vent, and motorsport steering wheel, seats, and belts.

There is some A-pillar damage because rally.

used car of the day 2018 subaru crosstrek

There’s a turbo engine, front-mounted intercooler, custom radiator, racing suspension, and all the other parts and bits you need to go racing.

The seller says this car is not for beginners, but for someone with a bit of rally experience looking for a better ride without spending too much money.

Speaking of money, the ask is $87,500 CAD for this British Columbia-based rally car.

Well-heeled weekend warriors, click here.

[Images: Seller]

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