CES 2024: This Automaker Is Launching a New EV Series


Space Hub Concept - Photo credit: Honda

Space Hub Concept – Photo credit: Honda

Honda announced the upcoming launch of the Honda 0 Series, a new electric vehicle (EV) series set for release in North America in 2026, with subsequent introductions planned for other global markets. This initiative is part of Honda’s strategy to expand its EV offerings.

Saloon and Space-Hub: Concept Models of the 0 Series

The 0 Series is showcased through two concept models, the Saloon and the Space-Hub, which were presented at CES 2024. These models highlight Honda’s approach to EV design and technology.

  • Saloon: This model is built on a dedicated EV platform and adheres to Honda’s “M/M” design principle. It features a combination of an external design and a spacious interior, utilizing sustainable materials. The Saloon incorporates technologies such as steer-by-wire and motion control management systems.
  • Space-Hub: Focusing on creating a versatile cabin space, the Space-Hub is designed to offer flexibility and connectivity for passengers, aligning with the development concept of being functional and efficient.

Saloon Concept - Photo credit: Honda

Saloon Concept – Photo credit: Honda

Space Hub Concept - Photo credit: Honda

Space Hub Concept – Photo credit: Honda

Design and Engineering Principles of the 0 Series

The 0 Series is developed based on the principles of functionality and efficiency, aiming to offer an alternative approach to EV design and engineering.

  • Design Philosophy: Honda’s design philosophy for the 0 Series seeks to integrate considerations for the environment, society, and users through sustainable materials and design.

Technology and Performance Features

  • Advanced Driver-Assistive System: The 0 Series will incorporate technologies from the Honda SENSING Elite system, focusing on driver assistance and safety features.
  • Connected Technologies: Honda is developing a unique operating system for the 0 Series that will use AI and driver data to improve the user experience, offering personalized information and suggestions.
  • Aerodynamic Performance: The 0 Series aims to incorporate aerodynamic technologies to enhance vehicle performance, drawing on Honda’s experience in motorsports.
  • Battery Technology: The focus for the 0 Series is on efficient battery technology, aiming to balance power and battery life, while minimizing degradation over time.

To conclude, the introduction of the Honda 0 Series marks a notable development in EV technology, showcasing Honda’s approach to combining advanced design with new technological features. This series signifies Honda’s ongoing efforts to contribute to a more sustainable and interconnected mode of transportation.

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