Acura Achieves a 42 Percent Sales Leap in 2023


Photo credit: Ivan Kurmyshov /

Photo credit: Ivan Kurmyshov /

American Honda reached a milestone in 2023, recording a total of 1,308,186 units sold, indicating a 33 percent increase compared to the previous year. This significant growth encompassed both car and truck sales, with a 36.5 percent rise in car sales and a 31.3 percent increase in truck sales.

Sales Performance of Honda and Acura

The Honda brand saw a 31.9 percent increase in sales, totaling 1,162,531 units. A notable contributor to this success was the electrified model lineup, including the CR-V and Accord hybrids, which together accounted for 293,640 units. The CR-V alone tallied 361,457 units, while the Ridgeline reached its highest annual sales at 52,001 units. The combined sales of the Civic and Accord approached 400,000 units.

On the luxury front, Acura’s annual sales rose by 42 percent, totaling 145,655 units. The Integra stood out in its segment with 32,090 units sold, and the MDX and RDX models collectively neared 100,000 units in sales.

Monthly Sales Insights

In the final month of 2023, American Honda sold 123,388 units, marking a 31.5 percent increase from December of the previous year. This surge was driven by a 45.9 percent increase in truck sales and an 8.8 percent rise in car sales.

Strategic Insights from American Honda

Mamadou Diallo, the Senior Vice President of Auto Sales at American Honda, attributed the year’s successful sales to the company’s focus on engaging car models, an updated truck lineup, and the expansion of hybrid-electric models. The introduction of models like the Acura ZDX, Honda Prologue, and the Civic hybrid are expected to contribute positively to the company’s performance in 2024.

Key Models and Future Prospects

Performance of Honda Models

  • Honda’s CR-V emerged as the leading model in sales for 2023.
  • The Civic experienced a significant sales increase compared to 2022.
  • The Pilot and Odyssey models also demonstrated positive sales growth.

Acura’s Sales Highlights

  • Acura recorded its highest passenger car sales since 2016.
  • The Integra maintained strong monthly sales for 15 consecutive months.
  • Both the RDX and MDX models saw considerable sales growth in 2023.

Recognition and Upcoming Releases

Honda was named the top mainstream brand for retained value by ALG for the third consecutive year. The 2024 lineup includes the updated Ridgeline with a TrailSport trim and the enhanced TLX model.

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