QOTD: Is Professional Detailing Worth It?


qotd is professional detailing worth it

You wouldn’t know it by the weather, at least in parts of the country, but it is springtime according to the calendar.

Snow tires are coming off. So are car covers. And soon, the nation’s detailers will be setting to work getting people’s rides summer ready.

The question is — is it worth it to pay for professional detailing?

I suppose the answer may depend on your car, your budget, your garage setup, and your own detailing skills. Speaking for myself, I can’t detail a car in my building’s garage — I’d get in trouble with the condo board.

Even if I had the space and supplies, my skills are limited. I cleaned many a car during my dealership porter days, but that was long ago. Still, I feel pretty confident I could handle a clay bar, tire shine, wheel cleaner, and window cleaner just fine. I can even wield a can of touch-up paint well enough. Where I’d need help is buffing — no one ever taught me how to do it.

So, what say you? Is detailing a fully do-it-yourself effort? Do you do some things yourself and pay the pros for the rest? Or are you the type to toss a detailer your car keys and tell them to call you for payment and pickup when done?

More importantly, if you pay the pros — is it worth it?

Sound off below.

[Image: REDPIXEL.PL/Shutterstock.com]

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