Toyota’s Already Offering a Huge 2024 bZ4X Lease Discount in New York


toyota s already offering a huge 2024 bz4x lease discount in new york

Toyota, a noted EV skeptic, finally delivered the bZ4X crossover in 2023. Despite it only having been on sale for one year, the automaker is already offering discounts on the new 2024 model, cutting $10,000 off the top for lease clients in New York.

Despite only releasing pricing for the EV in January, CarsDirect reported that Toyota’s lease deal cuts monthly lease payments down to $299 per month for a 36-month lease with $3,999 down. As these things tend to go, there’s a strict limit of 10,000 miles per year, but that’s still not a bad deal for a $47,734 EV.

Even with that healthy discount, the bZ4X is more expensive than more compelling options in its segment. The Tesla Model Y, the best-selling EV in the world, is now more affordable than ever as the automaker looks to clear existing inventory with deep discounts. It’s also eligible for federal tax credits, which makes it an even more compelling option.

Toyota’s foot-dragging on EVs caused a stir at first, but its logic is looking wiser by the day. EV demand is growing slower than automakers had hoped, given their significant investments in production, research, and development. Ford recently announced that it would pause development of its new electric SUV and pickup truck to focus on hybrid offerings, and General Motors made a similar announcement a few months back.

[Image: Toyota]

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