QOTD: How Much Does It Hurt to Lose a Base Engine?


Hey there B and B, I am going to level with ya a bit. This week has gotten off to a slow start in part because it’s a holiday week and news is slow, in part because I was working on our podcast, and in part because I’ve been working on a long op-ed. So the QOTD is a bit late today.

We’re going to try to get some more normalcy tomorrow and Wednesday, but we’ll be off Thursday and Friday is a work in progress.

But I digress, you came for a QOTD. Today it’s a very simple one, because of the reasons mentioned above.

Will you miss the base engine on the Toyota Supra? More broadly, does it bother you when a vehicle lose a base engine option, thus almost always having an higher price of entry?

Let’s apply this not just to sports cars — a segment where base engines have long helped enthusiasts buy a car that they otherwise might not be able to afford — but to every segment.

You know what to do. Sound off below.

[Image: Toyota]

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