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We may be in the grips of winter right now, but spring is just around the corner. Followed soon enough by summer. Which will eventually segue into fall.

We bring you this reminder of the changing seasons to point out that car care is a year-round endeavor, no matter where you live. Whether you live in a place with four distinct seasons, or where it’s sunny and 72 even in the depths of December, you probably need (and perhaps also want) to spend time and money protecting the investment(s) you have sitting in your driveway or garage.

Along with our friends at Lithium Auto Care, we’re here to help one lucky person save some money on car care.

Since it’s still winter, and since winter seemingly lasts well into March (or even April) some years, Lithium will be sending our winner its Winter Protection Kit. The kit contains Ignite After Wash, Ceramic Slam, Slather, Glow Maxx, and Trim Cubes.

A look at each one:

  • Ignite After Wash: Spray on and buff dry so that you no longer have to continually circle your car, wiping away streaks and residue. Works on glass, paint, and chrome aluminum. Each application stacks up the level of protection, keeping your ride looking good between washes. Dries quickly while conditioning and adding shine, and also adds a protective coating that helps to eliminate micro scratches.
  • Ceramic Slam: You can spray this ceramic coating on, buff it off, and let it cure. As with Ignite After Wash, multiple applications will stack, adding more protection over time. Ceramic Slam repels water and reduces dust buildup, and also protects against bird droppings, road salt, and other contaminants. All this without leaving a chalky residue. Ceramic Slam works on glass and plastic surfaces, and it won’t wash off the next time you give your car a bath.
  • Slather: This leather cleaner and conditioner will get your seats and dash panels looking good in no time. It lifts dirt and grime away while keeping the leather nicely hydrated. It moisturizes and decontaminates, working to keep your leather from drying out and cracking. It’s naturally scented, so your ride’s cabin will smell good, as well.
  • Glow Maxx: This waterless wash will lift dirt and grime away from your car’s paint while also lubricating the surface — and it’s good for the Earth, to boot. It leaves a fresh shine and moisturizes your paint, unlike car-wash soaps that can dry it out. Well-hydrated paint will look cleaner for longer. Perhaps best of all, 4 ounces of Glow Maxx can replace the 60 gallons of water a normal wash requires. Not only is Glow Maxx gentle on your hands and on paint, it will also work on glass, plastic, and rubber. Any non-porous surface, really.
  • Trim Cubes: Designed specifically to protect plastic pieces of trim, this coating, which is infused with graphene, resists U.V. rays, water, pollutants, and road salts. It will protect plastic trim against oxidization and discoloration for 250 washes, guaranteed. Featuring sponge applicators that are filled with pre-measured amounts, the Trim Cubes kit can be used for two cars with little risk of mistakes. You’ll get four sponges, a bottle of pre-cleaner prep, and disposable gloves. The Trim Cubes won’t wash off — rain, sleet, snow are no problem. Goes on like glass, protects like concrete. Like all Lithium products, Trim Cubes are produced in the U.S.

There you have it. Sign up here before February 4, and then check your email later to see if you’ve won.

The legal stuff is here. Good luck!

[Image: Lithium Auto Care/VerticalScope]

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