The 2018 Range Rover Adventum Coupe, an Intense Luxury Conveyance


Today’s Rare Ride is a super luxurious two-door aftermarket Range Rover. Much like the Rolls-Royce Wraith Silver Spectre featured here recently, the Range Rover’s transformation was also designed by Niels Van Roij.

Hopefully, your eyes are prepared for luxury.

The only time the Range Rover was available as a two-door was in its first generation, now known as the Classic. From its inception in 1969 Range Rover was solely a two-door affair, but a four-door arrived in 1981 and quickly became the more popular body style. The market for the two-door dried up quickly, and Land Rover decided the next-gen P36A Range Rover would be available solely as a four-door. The last factory two-door Classic was built in January 1994 and was shipped to Portugal.

Cut to 2018, and Land Rover teased a new Range Rover with two doors called the SV Coupe. The new model was a project of Jaguar-Land Rover’s SVO or Special Vehicle Operations department. The original plan was to build 999 examples, for a hefty $295,000 before options. Customer deposits rolled in, but the plan didn’t last long: JLR had a terrible financial year in 2018, and canceled the project. Enter Dutch designer Niels van Roij.

In spring 2019, van Roij introduced his Adventum Coupe design, which promised to execute on the promises of the canceled SV Coupe. Most of the design cues were kept intact from the SVO design, with the exception of the expensive frameless windows and giant 23-inch concept wheels. The fenders and tailgate are from the standard Range Rover, in addition to the fenders. But everything between the A-pillar and the rear was reworked into true coupe-ness. Body panels were created from hand-worked aluminum, and the aluminum architecture underneath the Range Rover was strengthened over stock form.

There were no customer options as far as color scheme: Adventums were painted in an Arctic White, with a red and black Nappa leather interior that featured plenty of piano wood trim, and copious teak on the floor and cargo area. Most of the interior was fettled over the stock Range Rover, and taken to a higher level of luxury. Rear seats were captain’s chairs like the front, which were powered and adorned with integrated footrests. All examples used the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 from the Range Rover’s top SVAutobiography trim, good for 557 horses and 516 torques.

The Adventum’s build was contracted to Dutch firm Bas van Roomen, and the firm will create just 100 examples. In 2020 the base price was $299,835 – a not-stratospheric ask for a bespoke luxury SUV. Today’s Adventum is built on a 2018 Range Rover and has just over 8,000 miles. It’s for sale presently in The Netherlands for $349,874.

[Images: Niels van Roij Design]

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