Hyundai Kills Most Veloster Trims, Keeps N



Hyundai’s Veloster is dead.


Don’t worry, performance fans — the one trim that lives on is the high-zoot N.

Yes, you read that right — a brand (mostly) killed a car and kept the best version of it on sale. Usually, it’s the other way around — the cool version gets the ax and the most boring trim soldiers on.

Still, I admit to mixed feelings. The regular Veloster could be a lot cheaper, depending on how it was optioned out, and the R-Spec trim offered performance at an affordable price. The Turbo model balanced comfort and fun and was even available with a clutch, at least at launch.

I never have much cared for the three-door setup, but otherwise have found the Veloster a fun little hatchback that can be fun to drive. Now we’re left with the N, which is a wonderful hot hatch but a bit too stiff-riding for easy commuting.

Still, it’s good to see the N keep on keepin’ on. There are too few sporting machines on the market that are both affordable and excellent at what they do, so kudos to Hyundai for keeping the N.

That said, couldn’t they have shuffled the decks to have the R-Spec be a base performance car, with a Turbo trim for a balance of fun and daily driving?

Fine, we’re stuck with the N. Could be worse.

[Image: Hyundai]

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