The NHTSA is Investigating Some Ram Trucks for Potential Loss of Drive Power


the nhtsa is investigating some ram trucks for potential loss of drive power

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it had received 82 complaints about certain Ram trucks that allege a loss of power due to a failure of a vital transmission component. Though not at the recall stage yet, the NHTSA’s probe has wrapped in around 188,000 trucks from the 2022 model year.

The investigation covers the 2022 Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500. Some owners say that they lost drive power due to a failure of the K1 snap ring, which disables forward gears one through four. Some owners reported a loss of drive power at more than 25 mph and could not return to regular operation afterward.

Ram has done some research and found that the truck will display a warning light when such an event occurs and said that the reverse and gears five and up would still be functional. That’s little consolation if the truck loses drive power in the middle of a busy road.

It’s important to note that this investigation might not result in a recall, though it’s certainly not a step in a positive direction. The 2022 model-year Ram trucks already have their fair share of recalls, though, with the 2500 counting a whopping nine. It’s been recalled for rearview camera issues, engine compartment fires, the tailgate opening while driving, transmission fluid leaks, and another loss of drive power issue related to the electronic control module. If this investigation reaches the recall stage, Ram will repair and defects free of charge.

[Image: Ram]

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