Surprise: The Ford Transit Trails Tires are Too Big and Need a Recall


surprise the ford transit trails tires are too big and need a recall

It’s not uncommon to see a poorly modified vehicle having technical difficulties, but it’s extremely rare to see a factory-modified vehicle experiencing the same issues. That’s the problem that Ford is having with the Transit Trail van, which was recently recalled for having tires that are too big, causing rubbing.

Ford got a complaint from an unnamed upfitter company, which said that the van’s 30-inch Goodyear Wrangler tires rubbed when the front end was under load. It’s one thing to be a shadetree mechanic modding in your backyard, but it’s a whole other deal when it’s one of the largest automakers in the land making the same mistake. However, to be fair to ford, it appears Ford outsourced the van’s development to a third-party contractor, which “did not fully account for the front tire envelope and packaging requirements of this application.”

Recall documents state that the “Specific root cause factors are still under investigation,” but it’s almost a given that it’s the tires causing the issue. Even so, the automaker said that a remedy is under development, though it’s unclear how Ford could fix the problem without replacing the tires or suspension, or modifying the front wheel wells in some way to give more clearance.

The Transit Trail’s appeal is that it’s a near-turnkey overlanding van, with the ground clearance, beefy tires, and upfit options being significant selling points. If something changes with the suspension or tire setup, it could fundamentally alter the van’s appeal, so let’s hope Ford figures it out.

[Image: Ford]

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