Surprise: More Cybertruck Specs Leak Ahead of Official Reveal


surprise more cybertruck specs leak ahead of official reveal

The Tesla Cybertruck is due for an official release next week, but the slow, steady drip of information isn’t stopping. According to forum users in Southern California, the automaker has two Cybertrucks on display at a mall in San Diego, and they claim to have new specs to share.

The users said that the displays surrounding the trucks noted that they have a 2,500-pound payload capacity and 11,000 pounds of towing capability. The truck also appears to be a legit production model, as it lacks the sloppy panel gaps and bodywork we’ve seen in the nearly endless number of spottings posted on the internet. As Inside EVs pointed out, those specs are better than the F-150 Lightning on paper, though recent off-roading videos suggest that the Ford might be better at many other things.

Other marketing materials near the truck mention its “ultra-tough” composite bed, its shatterproof glass, and its “exoskeleton.” We’ve seen Joe Rogan shoot the truck with a compound bow, and the automaker showed off a truck that it claimed had been shot with a Tommy gun, though it’s unclear why we’re testing automotive sheet metal with a 1930s bank robber’s weapon.

The Cybertruck’s big day is just a few days away, and Tesla said it plans to deliver ten units to early buyers at the event. Of course, these people are taking delivery of a truck with no officially confirmed specs and no official price, so it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll be getting.

[Image: @dyldebus via X]

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