2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Review – Keeping Character Intact


2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

Sometimes, a trim level just feels unnecessary. That’s the case with the 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor.

The Maverick is so good on its own that adding the Tremor package just seems like overkill. Especially if you don’t go off-road.

Certainly some Maverick owners will take to the trails. We’re betting it won’t be many, though. Like me during my week-long test, most drivers won’t be wandering off of the pavement. 

Those who do opt for this package will get a suspension tuned for off-roading with shocks and springs that differ from the other trim levels, an increased ride height, Trail Control (essentially an off-road version of cruise control), front skid plates, a locking electronic rear differential, a twin-clutch rear drive unit, off-road gauges, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, a trailer hitch, full-size spare, 17-inch wheels with all-terrain tires, a revised front bumper that improves the approach angle, front tow hooks, and a bunch of interior and exterior markings, including orange accents.

Oh, and your Tremor will be Avalanche Gray.

2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

Other than that, you’re getting the usual Maverick experience. Which remains ever thus – a fairly car-like small truck that can still do truck stuff well. Increasing the ride height and slapping on some off-road items doesn’t really change that.

That’s a good thing. One might worry that increasing the ride height and shodding the wheels with all-terrain rubber could be detrimental to ride and handling or lead to increased tire noise, but the difference was mostly negligible. The truck still rode and handled generally well, and if there was extra tire noise it was hard to notice.

2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

The question is, how capable is the Tremor off road? Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to find out.

Otherwise the experience was pretty standard Maverick with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. While I love that Ford offers a hybrid Maverick – and I’ve heard from at least one real-world hybrid Mav user that the fuel economy numbers are great – I find the 2.0-liter to be more responsive when it comes to the type of acceleration needed for suburban cut-and-thrust driving.

The steering feels nicely dialed in, if a bit artificial at times. This remains a driver’s truck.

2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

Outside of the Tremor décor, the interior remains nicely functional, with a few letdowns in material quality here and there. It’s a comfortable, well-designed cabin that’s a pleasant place to while away the time in traffic. And there are actual radio and HVAC knobs! Praise be. Yes, the infotainment system is glued on, but we’ll make that trade.

To get the Tremor Package, you have to start with the XLT trim. My tester came standard with a locking tailgate, LED headlamps, cruise control, single-zone A/C, USB A and C ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera.

I listed the basic Tremor Package above, but in addition to the functional bits, a Tremor Package with Appearance is available. The basic Tremor package is a bit under 3 grand, while opting for Tremor with Appearance will set you back $4,490 and net you, on the XLT, a hood/lower body cladding graphic and carbonize roof (there’s more if you’re base truck is a Lariat).

2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

Other options included Ford’s Co-Pilot 360, splash guards, and a spray-in bedliner. This lead to an out-the-door price of $34,207.

I can’t imagine opting for the Tremor Package unless I had a need for some light off-roading and/or really liked the graphics. That said, if it’s necessary for you – or you just really want it – it won’t do much harm, if any, to the Maverick’s already great on-road experience. Nor will it negatively affect the rest of the truck’s utility.

2023 ford maverick tremor review keeping character intact

The regular Maverick will be just fine for most folks – but those who tick the proper options boxes won’t regret it.

[Images: Ford]

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