Lamborghini Electrifies its First SUV with the Urus SE


lamborghini electrifies its first suv with the urus se

SUVs make the automotive world go round, so much so that even exotic automakers are now in the game. Lamborghini was one of the first with the Urus, and the company recently announced an update to its hot family hauler with the Urus SE, the first plug-in hybrid SUV in the performance segment.

Lamborghini held a private unveiling event in New York, with CEO Stephan Winkelmann and others in attendance. The SUV retains its rowdy twin-turbo V8 and pairs it with a 24-kWh battery pack and electric motors to make a combined 789 horsepower. Its 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time is down to just 3.4 seconds, cutting a tenth off the gas-only model’s time. It also offers more than 37 miles of all-electric range.

The new Urus SE will go on sale in late 2024, and Lambo plans to launch another “HPEV” (high-performance electrified vehicle) to replace the Huracan around the same time. Lamborghini’s sales have been setting records in recent years, with the automaker seeing its best periods ever in North America, its top market region. The Urus has bolstered Lambo’s bottom line, growing from 5,367 units globally in 2022 to more than 6,000 last year. The Huracan also saw a record year, with almost 4,000 deliveries in 2023.

While electrification probably comes as a bummer for hardcore enthusiasts, it’s not like Lamborghini is giving up on speed. The Urus SE’s electric motor is integrated with its eight-speed transmission, boosting power and improving four-wheel drive performance. The only loss is sound at low speeds, which might actually improve owners’ standings with their homeowners’ associations.

[Image: Lamborghini]

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