Tesla Supercharger Layoffs May Already Be Impacting New Charging Site Construction


tesla supercharger layoffs may already be impacting new charging site construction

In a shocking move, Tesla laid off its entire Supercharger staff, raising questions about its future and ability to continue offering a superior experience to a growing number of EV owners. InsideEVs reported on the most immediate impact of the layoffs, as it learned that some new charging sites had already been canceled.

The publication reported that Tesla canceled four planned Supercharger sites in New York City, with the story breaking just hours after the layoff news hit the wires. Though the automaker’s next moves are a mystery to everyone, likely including many at the company, it will not move forward with new locations in the South Bronx, South Brooklyn, and two in Queens.

Tesla’s charging network makes up a significant portion of DC fast chargers in the U.S., with around a 30 percent share. The company’s Superchargers are so good that several other automakers opted to adopt the standard for current and future EVs, and the layoffs could cause executives some heartburn. It should also be concerning for the federal government, which has pushed hard for charging network expansions, including giving Tesla big money to open its network to outside brands.

It’s entirely possible that another charging company fills the gap if Tesla’s layoffs slow Supercharger growth or impact its ability to offer a superior experience, but so far, none have shown any willingness to make strides to improve their chargers.

[Image: Tesla]

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