Go North: GMC Teases 2025 Yukon


go north gmc teases 2025 yukon

Ahead of the next model year, the crew at GMC have shared the briefest of glimpses at the large-and-in-charge 2025 Yukon SUV.

In an era where more than one argument has erupted over the definition of crossover versus sport utility vehicle, there remain a few machines with all four wheels firmly over the SUV line. The venerable Yukon is one of them, along with its Tahoe twin and certain offerings from Land Rover like the Defender. Long seen as one of the few appropriate choices for anyone needing to haul a bunch of people and a heavy trailer, the Yukon plants its flag squarely in the middle of Camp SUV.

From the photo we can see the 2025 model year will bring some changes to the headlights and front fascia, though the so-called ‘c-clamp’ lighting signature remains if tweaked a bit. There’s a skiff more color keyed bodywork bifurcating the upper and lower parts of the daytime running lamps, while the headlights themselves all remain in the basement. GMC says this is the AT4 trim of its Yukon, meaning it will be shod with more aggressive all-terrain rubber than other models on the trim walk such as the Denali. The grille shown here is also darker in hue than a typically shiny one finished with brightwork, another giveaway that this is an AT4. There isn’t any indication of powertrain changes as of yet.

Speaking of, it has apparently been five years since the AT4 trim first appeared in GMC showrooms, initially offered as an option on the Sierra pickup trucks. It didn’t take long for the brand to adapt the unique style to every other model in its range, turning it into something of a sub-brand as they did with Denali about 25 years ago when it first showed up on a 1999 Yukon Denali concept. Alert readers will also recall the Sierra C3 which stuck around for barely a year before giving way to Denali. 

The AT4 trim can now be found on anything bearing a GMC badge, even taking it to the next level of off-road prowess with the AT4X line of rigs which are equipped with burly dampers and tough steel bumpers. As for this model, the 2025 GMC Yukon is scheduled to be revealed later in the 2024 calendar year.

[Image: GMC]

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