Alfa Romeo Reveals Milano EV, Brand’s First All-Electric Model


alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

Alfa Romeo has revealed its very first all-electric model, the subcompact Milano crossover. However, the automaker likewise plans on offering a hybrid version that mates a 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo to a 28-horsepower electric motor attached to the six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. While a that makes the model a 48-volt mild-hybrid, it should help Alfa cope with stringent emissions regulations and also serve as the volume model for numerous markets.

The pint-sized crossover is intended for city driving and this is obvious from the hybrid’s peak output of just 134 horsepower. Alfa likewise made note that the Milano Ibrida should be able to stay in its electric driving mode for the majority of your urban driving needs.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

Due to its nature of being a small EV, one would assume the all-electric Milano Elettrica would likewise be better suited for city driving. However, its single electric motor and 54.0-kWh battery pack can be had with a maximum output of 156 or 240 horsepower. The latter figure is fairly spicy for someone sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic but owners might be able to make decent use of it thanks to EVs boasting instantaneous torque delivery and both versions having all-wheel drive.

Its maximum range is also decent for such a small vehicle, with Alfa Romeo claiming the 154-hp version is capable of covering roughly 250 miles between charges. However, that was calculated on the European WTLP testing cycle which tends to be more generous than the United States’ EPA estimates. That said, the crossover’s 100-kW DC fast-charger is supposed to allow the battery to go from 10 to 80 percent in less than thirty minutes. That’s definitely less than ideal for a road trip. But should be helpful when you plan on putting a decent number of miles on the Milano over the course of a particularly busy weekend.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

The interior is quite handsome and distinctively Alfa Romeo. Regardless of how you personally feel about the brand, Alfa is pretty good about making its vehicles stand out and has been fitting even its most humble models with exceptionally good interiors. Your author was probably kinder to the Tonale than quite a bit of that had to do with the fact that plays host an extremely nice cabin and offered a touch of excitement to an incredibly staid vehicle segment. The Milano looks to be following suit, with controls oriented toward the driver in a way that would suggest it’s a serious driver’s car. While that might not be the case once we’ve laid hands upon the crossover, the layout probably isn’t going to hurt its chances.

The model shares a lot of DNA with the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e — neither of which are available here. But you’d never notice from looking at the exterior thanks to Alfa Romeo’s design team sculpting unique body panels and putting on wheels that few other brands could even pull off. It’s overtly an Alfa Romeo — so much so that the brand even offers an option to customize the grille with a serpent-and-cross cutout or throwback Alfa Romeo scripting.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

It’s perhaps a little tacky and very Italian. But it also kind of works. The car certainly doesn’t need the extra embellishment to drive home the point that it’s an Alfa. However, it’s totally on brand and nice to have the option in case someone is awestruck or cannot differentiate between automotive logos.

Those hoping to further maximize the vehicle’s Alfa-ness, will undoubtedly option the Veloce trim that lowers the ride by an inch while adding additional bracing to stiffen things up. The performance variant also comes with a Torsen limited-slip differential, up-sized wheels and larger 15-inch brakes.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

Since manufacturers seem incapable of just building normal cars these days, the manufacturer plans on offering a limited Milano Speciale launch edition for Europe once production begins. Sadly, that model won’t be making it to North America since the prospect of the vehicle being exported to our shores at all seems rather dicey. Stellantis hasn’t sent us any of its siblings and the car is extremely petite for the United States at just 164 inches long. EVs also haven’t been selling that well in the U.S. and Alfa seems eager to lead with the all-electric model.

Then again, we’re also in an era where exceptionally large vehicles carrying high price tags are quickly falling out of favor.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

Alfa has likewise seen a sales decline in the United States since it relaunched on the market in 2015. While volumes have been generally low, with the brand seeing a peak of 23,800 deliveries in 2018, sales have declined consistently over the last several years. Alfa Romeo only saw 10,897 in 2023 and 2024 looks poised to be even lower. A small car with a lot of personality that caters to city dwellers might be just the thing if the brand intends on staying in the market.

It’s going to be a gamble either way and the best we can say is that Alfa hasn’t outright said it wouldn’t export the Milano to North America yet. But we’ll keep tabs on the model to see what Stellantis decides to do with it and how it’s to be priced.

alfa romeo reveals milano ev brands first all electric model

[Images: Stellantis]

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