Volkswagen Recalling ID.4 Over Software Issues


volkswagen recalling id4 over software issues

Volkswagen is recalling over 80,000 ID.4 electric vehicles, from the 2021-2023 model years, over concerns that interior screens may turn off without warning. While not really much of an issue on older cars, this is a colossal problem for newer models that have integrated touchscreen technology as essential for vehicle controls.

Fortunately, documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that the issue is limited to specific activities. The report references issues with the rear-view camera display and the speedometer. However, we’ve seen customer complaints in the past about ID.4 screens going totally blank, meaning a host of vehicle features are no longer on the table due to only being accessible via the central infotainment screen.

Regardless, even losing the rear-view camera display is enough to put the model out of compliance with federal safety standards and forcing a recall. VW has attributed numerous issues associated with its all-electric products to software issues and claims that the ID.4 recall only affects a limited number of models because later models already have the updated software installed.

Volkswagen commitment to EVs has been quite staunch since it was penalized for what happened in 2015. Your opinions on whether or not Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” emissions cheating was totally unwarranted or simply the result of a regulatory landscape that was effectively impossible for automakers to adhere to may vary. But it’s inarguable that the resulting punishment that pushed it toward all-electric vehicles has not gone swimmingly for the brand, with the ID.4 being particularly troublesome.

Based on the MEB platform and assumed to be the global electric model seeing highest production volumes, the ID.4 has been creating issues for VW since before it launched. The crossover was repeatedly delayed and (along with the ID.3) foreshadowed something that has since become a trend for ID-badged vehicles.

Software issues have been a recurring problem for owners of VW products, with the ID models seeing the worst of it. Buggy infotainment systems are a common complaint on the forums and our own testing showed that the UX proved itself to be rather slow. The ID.4 has likewise been under criticism in the U.S. before due to power losses and doors that could open unexpectedly — both of which were attributed to bad software.

It’s almost like making vehicles overwhelmingly reliant on software was a terrible idea. But the ID.4 has also seen recalls for leaky cabins, faulty wiring, and even a sunshade that was considered a fire risk.

The current problems confronting the ID.4 are also said to be software related. However, it doesn’t sound like it’s something the brand can solve via over-the-air updates. Instead, Volkswagen has said it would begin notifying owners by July 12th so they can have the vehicles taken in and repaired by certified technicians free of charge. According to the NHTSA, about 80,000 units are under recall in the United States. Another 8,000 are expected to be recalled in Canada. But only a small percentage of the whole are assumed to be at any real risk of the defect.

volkswagen recalling id4 over software issues

[Image: Volkswagen Group]

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