Nissan Will Pay You $1,000 to Buy a Leaf if You Own a Chevy Bolt


nissan will pay you 1 000 to buy a leaf if you own a chevy bolt

If you own a Chevy Bolt and have considered buying a Nissan Leaf, this could be your time to shine. Nissan is offering Bolt owners a $1,000 credit towards buying a Leaf, and nationally, the automaker has lease specials as low as $100 monthly.

The craziest part about this admittedly not-so-crazy story is that Bolt owners aren’t required to trade in their cars to take advantage of the deal. That might be for the best, as selling a Bolt for a Leaf means giving up a significant amount of range and a far more dated vehicle overall.

nissan will pay you 1 000 to buy a leaf if you own a chevy bolt

Colorado dealers are offering lease deals as low as $109 per month, though some in the state have cut that down further to $99 with very little down. Nationally, the Leaf can be had for $259 per month for 36 months with $2,250 down, but it’s important to note that many states offer additional incentives that could sweeten the deal.

While the Chevy Bolt is currently discontinued, it’s still a more compelling buy than the Leaf, even with the discounts. The base car only offers 149 miles of range, and the top trim only does slightly better, at 212 miles. That does not compare favorably to the Bolt EV, which offers 259 miles of range. The Leaf also relies on older charging technology and has an outdated infotainment system. Those limitations make the Leaf a second car for most people, though it is a decent in-town commuter for people with shorter drives.

[Images: Nissan]

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