Used Car of the Day: 2006 Porsche Cayman S


used car of the day 2006 porsche cayman s

As always, I try to pick used cars of the day that you, the B and B, would find interesting. Regardless of quality/price/mileage. But sometimes my biases show. The Acura RSXs that show up here are indicative of that. So, too, is today’s pick — a 2006 Porsche Cayman S.

I don’t have much wheel time in Caymans and Boxsters, but the few times I’ve driven one, I’ve had one thought: “I could own this.”

Don’t worry, I probably won’t be putting my hat into the ring for this one, though it does seem to be in good shape. Part of that is the $29,000 price tag — I think I’d buy a new car first.

used car of the day 2006 porsche cayman s

Then again, this car is said to be in “excellent” condition, and the mileage is a low 24,500. It’s apparently never been driven in winter and has been garage kept.

used car of the day 2006 porsche cayman s

The seller is the second owner and says the oil has been changed every 2K miles and there are no cosmetic concerns beyond minor paint chips.

There are some mods — 19-inch HRE wheels, a short shifter, a modified intake and exhaust tip, and a pedal set are among them.

used car of the day 2006 porsche cayman s

OEM options include bi-Xenon headlights, sport chrono, heated seats, and Bose audio.

Click here to see this car, which is located in New York.

[Images: Seller]

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