Used Car of the Day: 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII


Apparently, it’s Lincoln-Mercury week around these parts.

We had that Mercury Cougar that created a stir earlier this week, and now we fast forward from the muscle-car era to the days of my youth for this 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII.

I had a friend in high school who drove an older Mark VIII, and I seem to remember him and other Lincoln aficionados being a bit dismissive of the more rounded-off versions. Or maybe it was auto writers — I cannot recall. Anyway, here we have one that the seller bought in order to pull the engine for a Fox-body Mustang (I like this person already). Instead of pulling the engine, though, the seller decided he or she liked driving it.

Now it is up for sale with 163,000 miles on it. It needs work — the paint is needs attention and the headlights need to be replaced. The interior is worn and the car leaks oil, and the check engine light is on for a misfire and lean condition.

There are some good things here, according to the seller — the suspension airbags have been replaced and the wheels and tires are new. So are the coils and plug wires and air filter, and there are new brake parts. There are also LED bulbs for the headlamps and some of the upholstery has been updated.

Click here to see more, the asking price is $2,800.

[Images: Seller]

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