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super bowl lviii automotive commercial live ish blog

The eyes of the world are turned toward Las Vegas tonight, with all sorts of weird storylines surrounding the Super Bowl. It seems that a country musician from the verdant farmland of…the Philadelphia suburbs…is dating a large guy from Ohio, and if I’m reading the latest conspiracy theories correctly, the outcome of both this couple’s love life and the final score of the game will have significant impact on the outcome of the presidential election?

No, this is not some “I hate sports” rant. It’s more a comment on the absurdity that is our media landscape these days. I enjoy football, but as one can imagine from my chosen profession, I prefer driving. Thus our subject this evening–the automotive commercials that will be airing throughout the contest.

It’s pretty likely we’ve already seen everything that will be aired during the game as part of my pregame roundup on Friday, but I’ll be sharing links to YouTube throughout the evening nonetheless. So, whether you’re at a party or you’re sitting at home, fire up your mobile devices or laptops and keep hitting refresh on Set out some wings or pizza for another large guy from Ohio, and I’ll bring the commercials in case you need to answer nature’s call.


Nothing yet. I have my TV on mute, but it seems that the guest of honor has made it to the stadium.

[Header image courtesy BMW]

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