Owners Love This Electric Automaker, and it’s Not Tesla


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Owner satisfaction is a key indicator in the automotive industry, reflecting how well a brand meets customer expectations. The latest data from Consumer Reports reveals the top five brands that have achieved the highest owner satisfaction scores, indicating a strong likelihood of customers purchasing the same brand again. Here is an overview of these leading brands:

  1. Rivian: 86 percent
  2. Mini: 77 percent
  3. BMW: 76 percent
  4. Porsche: 76 percent
  5. Tesla: 74 percent

The Role of Specific Features in Satisfaction

The data further delves into the brands that lead in particular areas of owner satisfaction. These include overall comfort, driving enjoyment, cabin storage, usability, and the cost of ownership. This detailed breakdown assists potential buyers in prioritizing brands based on the features that matter most to them.

A Reflection of Expectation, Not Necessarily Quality

It is crucial to acknowledge that owner satisfaction is a reflection of how well a vehicle aligns with customer expectations and not necessarily an indicator of the vehicle’s overall quality. The most satisfying cars for owners might not be the highest rated in terms of performance or reliability.

These surveys encompassed feedback on more than 330,000 vehicles, including models from the years 2021 to 2023 and a selection of 2024 models. Averages were used in cases where models remained substantially unchanged during the surveyed period, though some assessments may be based on data from a single model year. The critical question underpinning the satisfaction score asked owners whether they would undoubtedly repurchase their vehicle, taking into account factors such as price, performance, reliability, comfort, and enjoyment. The ratings for specific factors were then assigned based on the proportion of owners who expressed a high level of satisfaction.

The landscape of customer satisfaction in the automotive industry is dynamic, with new players like Rivian emerging as leaders. Consistency across a brand’s vehicle lineup remains a significant factor in customer satisfaction. When selecting a new car, prospective buyers should consider which brands excel in areas that align with their personal preferences and expectations.

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