New Horizons in Electric Mobility: Anticipating the Latest Pickup Release


Photo credit: VinFast

Photo credit: VinFast

Vietnam’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, VinFast Auto, showcased its latest creation, the VF Wild, at CES 2024. This concept car represents VinFast’s first foray into the electric pickup truck market, highlighting the company’s dedication to expanding its range of products. The VF Wild stands as a testament to VinFast’s commitment to fostering sustainable transportation solutions that are accessible to a wide audience.

Design Specifications of the VF Wild

The VF Wild positions itself in the mid-size pickup truck category with dimensions of 209 inches in length and 79 inches in width. What sets this vehicle apart is its innovative bed size, adjustable between 5 and 8 feet, which is a segment-leading feature. This adaptability is achieved through a power-folding mid-gate, melding utility with style. Additionally, the VF Wild is designed with a panoramic glass roof and digital side mirrors to enhance its aerodynamic properties.

Collaborative Design Process

The design of the VF Wild is the product of a collaboration between VinFast and GoMotiv, an Australian design firm. After more than 8,000 hours of development and the involvement of numerous designers, the VF Wild emerged with a unique “Fluid Dynamism” aesthetic. This design concept draws inspiration from the dynamic motion of a superhero’s cape, giving the VF Wild a distinctive and innovative appearance.

The Meaning Behind “Wild”

The name “Wild” for this concept vehicle is symbolic, reflecting VinFast’s ethos of pushing boundaries and striving for innovation. It underlines the brand’s continuous endeavor to contribute to an eco-friendly future.

VinFast’s Mission and Vision

As stated by Ms. Tran Mai Hoa, Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing at VinFast Global, the VF Wild is more than a new product. It embodies VinFast’s ambition to enter the thriving market of electric pickup trucks. The VF Wild aligns with the company’s vision of making electric vehicles more accessible and adaptable to various terrains, encouraging consumers to engage with the natural world.

VinFast’s Global Impact

VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup, was established in 2017 and is known for its highly automated manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam. The company is deeply invested in the pursuit of a sustainable future, driving innovation in product development, smart services, customer experiences, and competitive pricing. VinFast’s goal is to motivate customers worldwide to join in the journey towards intelligent mobility and a sustainable planet.

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