Lamborghini’s Hybrid Transition: The New Urus SE


Photo credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini has introduced the Urus SE, its first plug-in hybrid version of the SUV. The unveiling occurred at the Volkswagen Group Media Night and is set for a public debut at Auto China Beijing 2024. This model signifies Lamborghini’s strategic move towards sustainable performance by integrating hybrid technology while maintaining its reputation for high-performance vehicles.

Photo credit: Lamborghini

Technical Enhancements and Environmental Considerations

The Urus SE is equipped with an 800 CV hybrid powertrain, combining a re-engineered twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine and an electric motor. This combination allows the SUV to maintain high performance while achieving an 80 percent reduction in emissions compared to traditional engines. The vehicle features a 25.9-kWh lithium-ion battery positioned strategically to maintain balance and driving dynamics.

Design Evolution and Aerodynamic Improvements

The design of the Urus SE builds on the existing model with updates aimed at enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. The new hood design eliminates visual breaks, contributing to a streamlined appearance. Upgraded aerodynamics are complemented by matrix LED headlights and a redesigned front grille, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Interior updates include a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen and an evolved dashboard layout that promotes a more engaging driver experience.

Photo credit: Lamborghini
Photo credit: Lamborghini

Extensive Customization Options

Lamborghini continues to offer a wide range of customization for the Urus SE, including new 23-inch alloy wheels and an expanded palette of over 100 body colors. The interior options are equally varied, with multiple upholstery choices and stitching patterns available through the Ad Personam program, allowing for significant personalization.

Advanced Driving Modes and Performance Features

The Urus SE introduces new Electric Performance Strategies (EPS) alongside traditional driving modes, which include settings tailored for road, track, and off-road conditions. This versatility is enhanced by the inclusion of advanced technical systems such as electric torque vectoring and an electronic rear differential. These features work together to optimize traction and handling across various driving surfaces and conditions.

The Lamborghini Urus SE merges traditional Lamborghini performance with innovative hybrid technology, setting a new standard in the luxury SUV market. It offers advanced technical features, extensive customization options, and improved environmental efficiency, making it a versatile choice for enthusiasts of high-performance vehicles looking for a more sustainable option.

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