Eyes on the Road: Breakthrough AI Can Assess Driver State


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Seeing Machines Limited, a company specializing in computer vision technology, showcased its advanced interior sensing technology at Automotive World 2024 in Tokyo. This demonstration shows the company’s plans to perhaps improve transportation safety through its AI-powered operator monitoring systems.

The Core of Seeing Machines: Advanced Vision Technology

Utilizing machine vision technology, Seeing Machines analyzes head position, eyelid movement, and eye gaze, even in difficult lighting conditions and when the driver wears sunglasses. This analysis determines the driver’s level of attention, fatigue, and impairment. The insights gained are crucial for the functioning of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and impact vehicle cockpit design as well as comfort and convenience features. As the automotive industry increasingly seeks occupant monitoring features, Seeing Machines is attempting to be part of the plan.

Driving Global Safety Standards

Seeing Machines is responding to the worldwide push for better safety, with more regions now requiring driver monitoring systems in vehicles. The company has 17 automotive programs with 11 different OEMs. Testing includes 15 billion kilometers of driving data collected in partnership with top global automotive Tier-1 customers and partners. The company is involved in global regulatory discussions and collaborations with vehicle regulators and consumer safety organizations.

Seeing Machines: A Global Leader in DMS

Established in 2000 and based in Australia, Seeing Machines has a tech portfolio that includes AI algorithms, embedded processing, and optics. All this is designed to empower machines to see, understand, and assist people. The technology’s primary function is to reliably gauge driver state to reduce accident risks, forming the basis of their Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology. Serving various sectors including Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Off-road, and Aviation, Seeing Machines has a global presence with offices in Australia, the USA, Europe, and Asia, offering solutions and services to major industry players.

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