Consumer Reports: Most Reliable Car Brands of the Year – Find Out Who Ranks Highest


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The automotive industry offers a range of options for consumers seeking reliable vehicles. A recent study by Consumer Reports provides a detailed look into the reliability of various car brands, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Leading Brands in Reliability

  • Lexus (Score: 79)
  • Toyota (Score: 76)
  • Mini (Score: 71)
  • Acura (Score: 70)
  • Honda (Score: 70)

Rounding out the top 10 are Subaru, Mazda, Porsche, BMW, and Kia. These scores reflect a trend towards higher reliability across these manufacturers.

How Reliability is Scored

The methodology behind these scores involves comprehensive surveys of Consumer Reports members, covering over 330,000 vehicles from the years 2000 to 2023, including some early 2024 models. The survey assesses 20 different trouble areas, varying from minor issues to major system faults. The final score, out of 100, is a combination of problem severity, track testing, owner satisfaction, and safety data.

Focus on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The study pays special attention to electric and hybrid vehicles, including new criteria specific to these types of vehicles. These criteria assess electric motors, hybrid batteries, and charging systems. Hybrids show 26% fewer problems than traditional vehicles, but plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles often score lower in reliability.

Reliability by Region

Asian car manufacturers lead in reliability with an average score of 63, followed by European brands at 46 and domestic brands at 39. Cars, including sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons, are noted as the most reliable vehicle type.

Highlights of Specific Models

In model-specific observations, Lexus’s NX model scores average in predicted reliability, with the rest of its lineup above average. Toyota’s 4Runner SUV is noted for its high reliability, while the Tundra is marked for lower reliability. Acura’s RDX and TLX models receive praise for their above-average reliability.

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