A Warning for Owners of This Popular Crossover, From Consumer Reports


Photo credit: aPhoenix photographer / Shutterstock.com

Photo credit: aPhoenix photographer / Shutterstock.com

Consumer Reports have highlighted an issue with some Honda HR-V vehicles, specifically relating to a defect in the manufacturing of the rear windshield. The defect, attributed to a conflict between the sealer used for the rear glass and the defroster’s heating elements, has led to instances of the rear windshield shattering. This problem has been observed in various instances, including a case where a car’s rear window shattered on a cold morning while being warmed up using remote start.

Photo credit: Mike Bloch / Consumer Reports

Photo credit: Mike Bloch / Consumer Reports
The Nature of Tempered Glass and Safety Implications

The Honda HR-V, like most modern vehicles, employs tempered glass for its rear windows. When tempered glass shatters, it breaks into small, less harmful pieces, reducing the risk of injury from the glass itself. However, there are broader safety concerns. The sudden and unexpected shattering of the rear window could potentially startle a driver, leading to loss of vehicle control and an increased risk of accidents.

Calls for a Recall Amidst Safety Concerns

Safety experts and consumer advocates have voiced their concerns over this issue. They argue that the spontaneous breaking of the rear window, particularly while driving at high speeds or in heavy traffic, could lead to dangerous situations. There is a push for Honda to issue an official safety recall for all affected vehicles. A recall would not only address the problem more thoroughly but also ensure that a larger number of vehicle owners are aware and can have their cars repaired.

Current Status: Service Campaign vs. Recall

As it stands, the issue is being handled through a service campaign rather than an official recall. This distinction is crucial because service campaigns do not appear in the open recalls section on the official federal government vehicle recalls website. This means that many owners may remain unaware of the issue unless they come across the information through other means.

Public Reaction and Urgency for Action

Over 300 complaints about shattered rear windows in HR-Vs have been filed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, a notably high number for a newer model. This mounting public concern underscores the urgency for Honda to address the issue comprehensively. Advocates are calling for Honda to consider the problem under warranty for all owners and to potentially initiate a recall to prevent future incidents.

In summary, the manufacturing defect in the Honda HR-V’s rear windshield poses a safety concern that needs immediate attention. While the risk from the glass itself is minimized due to the use of tempered glass, the potential for accidents caused by startled drivers is a serious issue. The call for an official recall aims to ensure broader awareness and a more effective resolution of this problem.

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