2024 Jeep Beach Editions: Behind the Scenes of Their Unique Features


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Jeep has introduced two special edition models designed for beach activities: the 2024 Wrangler 4xe Jeep Beach and the first-ever Gladiator Jeep Beach. These vehicles are equipped with features such as the Sunrider Fliptop, Mopar Katzkin leather seats, off-road tires, and a locking rear differential, aimed at enhancing the beach-going experience.

Detailed Features for the Beach-Focused Models

The 2024 Wrangler Jeep Beach 4xe, based on the Willys 4xe model, features the 4xe powertrain. Key attributes of this model include:

  • A body-color hardtop and hardtop headliner
  • The Sunrider Fliptop for open-air driving
  • Jeep Beach branding and Katzkin leather seats
  • A 12.3-inch touchscreen radio, LED headlamps and fog lamps, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning for advanced technology and safety
  • 33-inch all-terrain tires, steel rock rails, and a rear-locking differential for off-road capabilities

This model is limited to 500 units and is priced starting at $60,395, excluding destination charges.

Gladiator Joins with Its Own Special Edition

The 2024 Jeep Gladiator Jeep Beach marks the model’s first special edition for the Jeep Beach event. Features include:

  • A body-color hardtop and hardtop headliner
  • The Sunrider Fliptop and Jeep Beach decal package
  • Custom Katzkin leather seating and a spray-in bedliner
  • Similar technology and safety features as the Wrangler version
  • 32-inch mud-terrain tires and off-road equipment for enhanced capabilities

This edition is limited to 250 units and has a starting price of $50,495, excluding destination charges.

The Significance of Jeep Beach

Jeep Beach is a notable event for Jeep enthusiasts, held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. It attracts over 225,000 participants and features more than 25,000 Jeep vehicles. The event supports charitable causes, with over $4.1 million donated to various organizations to date.

The Wrangler and Gladiator Jeep Beach editions are tailored for customers seeking vehicles that blend Jeep’s off-road capabilities with features suited for beach environments. These limited-edition models are available in a variety of colors.

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