Right Spec: 2025 Ram 1500


right spec 2025 ram 1500

Tim has a first drive of the revamped 2025 Ram 1500 coming soon, so with that in mind we thought it an opportune time to grab some Google SEO traffic build on the theme and include it in our alarmingly irregular Right Spec series.

A notion of pickups like this are their ability to show up for duty in a myriad of looks ranging from base work trucks to chrome-laden luxocruisers or color-keyed trims with an off-road bent. Longtime readers (thanks, both of you) will know I gravitate towards the latter – but doing so this time around would rob us of the Ram’s sumptuous southwest-grade Longhorn interior which looks like a Utah or Arizona landscape writ large.

It’s worth noting Ram has decided, for now, that its upper trims will only be available with four-wheel drive. This makes sense for the Rebel, given its station in the trim walk, but the specter of a Limited or Limited Longhorn with just two driven wheels is off the table – again, for now. We’ll see if enough customers outside the snowbelt register their displeasure with Ram dealers. 

right spec 2025 ram 1500

Rebel trims are only available with a 5.5-foot box while the likes of a Limited Longhorn can append an extra 12 inches to its rump and actually carry a Polaris Sportsman ATV in its cargo area without leaving its tailgate down. Options added to this Rebel include the G/T package which affords its interior a gear selector ripped from the old Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and mounted on the center console. This calms bleatings from certain demographics that a so-called Real Truck (TM) has no business shifting its gears with a dial.

Under that hood now lives a turbocharged straight-six engine (RIP, Hemi), though the Limited Longhorn is tuned to 540 horsepower/521 lb-ft while the Rebel makes do with a 420 hp/469 lb-ft configuration. Don’t expect it to remain that way for long, as customers in the Rebel demographic tend to like MOAR POWER, so this writer expects the high-output variant to appear as an option within the next 24 months. A new Rebel G/T will set ya back about $72,000 while a Limited Longhorn with extras is about 10 grand more. 

right spec 2025 ram 1500

Knowing you lot are weird and like base trucks, we’d be remiss to mention the entry-level Tradesman is available with a $1,200 Sport Appearance, complete with 20-inch wheels and color-keyed addenda plus fog lamps and a slew of blacked-out accents. It’s actually a very decent look, particularly in an expressive shade like Delmonico Red shown here. It does require selection of the Level 1 Equipment group, padding the bottom line by $1,695 and bringing the likes of a power sliding rear window and satellite radio. MSRP including destination is under 50 large for a Quad Cab 4×4 with a 6.5-foot box. An off-road group with skid plates can be paired with all this for a further $1,895 if you’re so inclined.

Damn this series of posts. Now I’m eyeing trade-in values again.

[Images: Stellantis]

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