QOTD: Would You Buy a Jar of Used Racing Tires?


qotd would you buy a jar of used racing tires

That headline is weird, I know. No, I didn’t sniff glue or slip too much whiskey into my afternoon cup of coffee. Nor is it jet lag speaking — though I am in California for a first drive (more on that tomorrow). No, there really is a race track selling a jar full of used racing tires.

Bristol Motor Speedway is selling a jar of rubber that was apparently shed by race cars during the Food City NASCAR race which took place on Saint Patrick’s Day. I checked the date of this tweet — it’s yesterday, not April Fool’s Day.

The asking price is $50, by the way, and the proceeds go to children’s charities. I assume that price doesn’t include tax and shipping.

So, would you buy this as a souvenir/conversation piece? Or is it just too weird?

This question is academic, by the way — the jars are sold out.

Sound off below.

[Image: Bristol Motor Speedway]

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