QOTD: Why Did the Chrysler 200 Really Die?


Posting a Chrysler 200S as the UCOTD today got my memory working. While I am sure there are still many on the road, I haven't thought about that model in a long time.

I then started thinking about why the 200 didn't last past the 2017 model year. The late Sergio Marchionne blamed the sloping rear roofline for not giving the car enough headroom. On the other hand, the surge in crossover and SUV sales may have doomed the car — lots of midsize sedan models have been killed off because of consumers' love for crossovers.

There's also the fact that while the car was better than what it replaced, it wasn't good enough to steal sales from the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

It could also be all these factors, as well as others. None of these things are mutually exclusive.

So, what say you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Chrysler/Stellantis]

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