QOTD: Which Car Horns Sound the Most Out of Place?


qotd which car horns sound the most out of place

I’ve been on a bender of buying and selling cars lately, which, in combination with my regular testing, has put me behind the wheel of a great number of new vehicles in a shorter time than usual. And, because of the seasonal influx of drivers from New York, New Jersey, and several southern states here in Maine, I’ve had the opportunity to use the horn in several of them. That has led me to an interesting question: Which car horns sound the most out of place?

Small car horns in large SUVs, big car horns in small hatchbacks, that sort of stuff. For instance, the Mark 8 Volkswagen Golf’s horn sounds like it should come from a midsize sedan, while the horn in my Toyota GR Corolla sounds appropriate for an obnoxious, small hatchback.

The horns of today, and cars in general, are nowhere near as exciting or interesting as they were in the 1980s and 90s (get off my lawn!), so let’s hear your weirdest takes on this question. Give us a honk in the comments below.

[Image: lv-Olga via Shutterstock]

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