QOTD: Which Car Comes to Mind When You Think Muscle?


qotd which car comes to mind when you think muscle

Over the long holiday weekend I had a conversation about muscle cars from the late ’60s/early ’70s — and also saw a bunch of them being posted on the Twitter/X account of a famous performance-car builder.

I enjoyed seeing the Camaros and Chevelle SSs and whatever else. It helped put a smile on my face after the weird year that was 2023. When gazing at a particularly lovely restored Chevelle SS, I thought to myself “man that’s what a ’60s/’70s muscle car looks like.”

Then I realized there were several models that could be the primary representative of that era.

The Mustang Mach 1 or Boss 302. The first-gen Camaro. A Pontiac GTO. The list goes on.

The question is this — if you were to think “muscle car” from that era, which one would you conjure up?

I suppose for some of the you the answer would be “none” — you might think of something more modern. That’s fine and you’re free to share in the comments, but I am thinking mostly of the years when the Baby Boomers were young.

For if you’re a Baby Boomer yourself, you likely remember those cars well, and if you’re Gen X or an older Millennial like myself, you grew up hearing and reading about those cars.

So, if you were asked by someone who was just learning about cars what the perfect example of a muscle car would be, what would you pick?

Sound off below.

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