QOTD: Which Automaker Will Go Bankrupt Next?


Fisker filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.

So, naturally, we’re wondering if any other automakers will follow suit.

Obviously we saw GM and Chrysler go boom during the bailout era, though both of those companies remain with us, albeit in slightly different forms. I don’t expect any large legacy automaker to go through that sort of process anytime soon.

But it could happen with startups. Tesla remains popular but also has had all sorts of reliability issues and head honcho Elon Musk is, uh, erratic. Rivian and Lucid have gotten off to decent starts — I’ve driven a Lucid and it was really good — but the auto business can be nasty. Even when it looks like a small company has found a foothold, things can fall apart.

There are also midsize legacy automakers that could run into trouble. Mitsubishi is often speculated about, although the brand has told the world about its product plans.

What about y’all? What do you think?

Sound off below.

[Image: Fisker]

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