QOTD: When Would You Opt for Summer Tires?


qotd when would you opt for summer tires

I am told spring is here, though the weather has been, shall we say, inconsistent? We’ve had some warm days, and some spring rain, but it’s also remained chilly at times. Spring in Chicago is non-linear, and this year is no exception.

Still, warmer weather will be here sooner rather than later, and we’re likely done with snow, or at least measurable snow. We’ve already asked you when you make the switch to summers, but now we’re asking — what would drive you to put summer rubber, instead of, say, all-season or three-season tires, on your ride?

Would you do it if your came factory-equipped with summer tires? If your ride makes more than a certain horsepower or torque number? If your car is rear-wheel drive?

It’s a pretty straightforward one today. Sound off below.

[Image: BELL KA PANG/Shutterstock.com]

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