QOTD: When Do You Take Your Winter Tires Off?


qotd when do you take your winter tires off

Today’s QOTD won’t apply to those of you in the so-called “smile” states, at least not for the most part — obviously some parts of California see snow, and Texas experiences the white stuff on occasion.

If you live in the Snow Belt, you might, depending on your ride, be swapping summer tires for snows every fall. With spring having, uh, sprung, we here at TTAC HQ are wondering — when do you put your summers back on?

Do you it do it at the first sign of warm weather? Do you hold off to make sure there’s no more “second winter” coming*? Do you base it off of a date like Easter?

*Here in Chicago, early-April snows are not uncommon.

We’d like to know what you do.

So, if you swap rubber every six months, tells when the summer tires come out of storage.

Sound off below.

[Image: BELL KA PANG/Shutterstock.com]

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