QOTD: What Car Do You Not Recommend?


qotd what car do you not recommend

Last week, we asked you about the most underrated car/truck on the market. Since most of you are enthusiasts, I’d guess that some of you recommend underrated vehicles when your friends and family ask you about purchase decisions. But what are the cars/trucks you steer your friends/family away from?

As a professional member of the automotive media, I don’t really have one particular model in mind, since I’ve learned that car shoppers often will ask for advice and then do what they want anyway. I understand why that happens — car buying is an emotional process, and some folks will go with the car that’s best-looking and/or most fun-to-drive over the logical choice. Other times folks are limited in choice due to their budget.

Still, I try to warn folks away from brands/models that have reliability concerns, or vehicles that I feel are overpriced, or vehicles that offer a terrible driving experience. I suspect many of you use those factors, or others, to warn people away from certain vehicles.

But that’s not the question — though it is probably a future QOTD. No, the question is, which vehicle do you tell people to avoid?

Sound off below.

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