QOTD: Should Southern Auto Plants Unionize?


qotd should southern auto plants unionize

Matt went long on the UAW’s drive to unionize auto plants located in the American South.

I don’t need to recap pro- and anti-union arguments — you know them by now. What I am curious about is this: Do you think unionization of these plants would be a good thing, or a bad thing? For example, does unionization buoy the local economy by giving workers more money to spend? Or maybe it will harm car buyers by potentially raising sticker prices?

I have my stance — I won’t prejudice the commentariat by sharing it. What I am is curious where our readership stands on this.

This is obviously a fraught and divisive issue that ties into larger political debates, so I ask of you: PLEASE PLAY NICE. Debate politely and civilly like the adults you (presumably) are. The banhammer is poised and ready.

Sound off below.

[Image: Luis Yanez/Shutterstock.com]

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