QOTD: How Would Tariffs Impact the Automotive Industry?


qotd how would tariffs impact the automotive industry

Once again, I am going to borrow today’s question of the day from one of our earlier posts. I like to do this because it gives you all another forum to give your opinion about any given topic, and sometimes we can pick a particular question from a certain story and really dig in.

Today, Matt wrote about presidential candidate/former president Donald Trump’s rhetoric involving tariffs and the automotive industry.

We here at TTAC are not a monolith and we have varying opinions when it comes to politics and policy, we also vary in terms of our positions on the political spectrum. That said, I think it’s safe to say none of us are fans of tariffs, or at least not the kind that Trump talked about.

We’re also not economists. So we’d love to hear both from folks who think the idea is insane as well as those who think it might actually be a good notion.

As always when the topic gets political, keep it civil. Follow our commenting rules and avoid ad hominem attacks. Insults aren’t allowed. Attack the idea, not the politician or your fellow commenter. I am not afraid to delete comments or wield the banhammer.

So, with that in mind, sound off below.

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