QOTD: Did You Used to Carry One of These Around?


qotd did you used to carry one of these around

Did you, like myself, once carry a stereo faceplate around because you felt like you had to remove it each time you parked or risk theft?

For the youths out there, a lot of us had aftermarket stereos in our cars in the ’90s and Aughts, and we took our faceplates off since the head unit wasn’t supposed to work without it. Thus discouraging theft.

I had mine stereo swiped from my Mustang once. I was parked on a Chicago street near where I lived — it was then, and is now, considered a low-crime/safe area — and I left the faceplate on. Not sure if I forgot to remove it or was being lazy. That was not fun.

So yeah, I often carried my faceplate around — or put in the center console/glovebox — to discourage theft. Did you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Alexey Layeroff/Shutterstock.com]

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