QOTD: Can Nissan Get Rolling?


qotd can nissan get rolling

We reported this morning on Nissan’s plans to roll out new versions of the Armada, Murano, and Rogue as part of a plan to revitalize the brand and generate more sales.

Will it work?

Obviously, it depends on how good the new products are. Personally, I don’t think Nissan’s offerings are the worst on the market, but many do feel a bit outdated and/or downmarket. It might help for the company to switch away from CVTs to “standard” automatic transmissions. I’d also advise Nissan to really put more money and effort into new models and redesigns — the fact that the new Z is something like 80 percent old Z suggests a company that is trying not to spend, even if it could. Then again, the new Z is pretty darn good, even with those old bones, so maybe Nissan is just being cost-effective. It’s easy for me to criticize from behind a keyboard, after all.

Ahem, I digress. I am asking you, the B and B, to weigh in and let us know if you think a new product offensive from Nissan would boost sales.

The company certainly seems capable of understanding how to improve its offerings. The latest Pathfinder is much better than the soft-roader it replaced, and if it can move the Murano a bit more upscale while holding the line on price, that will help. The Rogue may be bland, but it exhibits basic competence and is a perfectly fine crossover — making a few tweaks to make it stand out more can’t hurt. Finally, with a new Infiniti QX80 on the way, Nissan has a chance to bring the Armada into the present while keeping to its mission as a large people and cargo mover.

What say you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Nissan]

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