QOTD: Are You Feeling Bad?


qotd are you feeling bad

We had a piece on Bentley owners feeling just a wee bit guilty about conspicuous consumption today. I found myself giggling a bit at the concept as I edited it — aren’t people who buy Bentleys showing off? At the very least, don’t they not care what others think?

Chris wrote as much in his lede.

This compels me to ask you, oh wise B and B, if you would feel bad should you own some high-priced sheetmetal. Or if you do own some high-priced sheetmetal. Maybe we don’t have many Bentley owners in our readership, but I bet we have some Corvette and Viper owners. Perhaps some S-Class owners, or Lexus LS owners, or…you get the idea.

This is an easy one. Do you feel guilty, either from an attention-getting standpoint or an environmental one? Or both?

Or do you not care — maybe you like the attention.

Perhaps it’s both — it’s not mutually exclusive for the owner of an attention-getting car to both enjoy being noticed and still feel a little guilty about standing out and/or harming the environment (maybe the car is a gas-guzzler).

So, what say you?

Sound off below.

[Image: Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock.com]

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